Teejay DITCHES Romeich?

Is Teejay ditching Romeich Entertainment? There have been rumours circulating on the internet, to suggest that there has been a separation of the two. This comes after an alleged falling out between the two.

The popular businessman and music manager, has been managing Dancehall Diva Shenseea and the Dancing God, Ding Dong as well as Teejay’s for the past several years. The source of the current rift with the rags to Riches deejay is still unknown. 


Shenseea and Ding Dong’s booking information remains under Romeich’ management, when they were last checked. The Uptop Boss however, has new booking information on his page. This may be enough proof  to support the rumours of a rift in the Romeich camp.

Just recently, Romeich hailed the young singer as the best in Dancehall, so one could only wonder what may have jumped off between the two.

Notably, Teejay posted a picture of himself and Spice a couple days ago which is adding fuel to the rumours because it’s widely known that Shenseea and Spice are not the best of friends.

Rumours have been also circulating that Teejay has moved his management to Solid Agency. He was also recently seen in a video with Timberland listening to his hit track Rags to Riches, which might just be a hint at something big for him.

We will just have to wait to get  the details of the changes that have been taking place in the Owna Lane deejay’s career.

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