Teejay Hilariously Records Dubplate on a Bob Marley Riddim – Watch Video

Now known as one of the artistes in Dancehall that are effortlessly amusing, Teejay is back at it again by entertaining his fans with a humorous dubplate recording on a riddim that Bob Marley recorded one of his popular songs on.

The Up Top Boss singer, born Timoy Janeyo Jones, recently did a rendition of Rihanna’s Stay while playing the piano that was also hilarious not only to fans but to others in the video.

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The new video of the dubplate recording was uploaded to djstefabomusic’s Instagram account with the caption, “How Chippy deal wid e riddim?” and TeeJay was tagged in it.

In the video, TeeJay was at first holding a paper that he was reading from and stated, “A wah kinda bum**cl**t riddim dis yah? Mek mi kill dem same way.” This had someone in the background of the video laughing.

Continuing, the entertainer sang, “Taurus dem nuh laugh wid people, rise di matic and run dem out. A middle day mi wi step innah yuh scheme, empty a clip innah a sound bwoi mout.”

Watch the video below:

Loving his goofy side and his talent, fans filled the comment section with a host of fire emojis and someone stated, “Me fe laugh or cry 🤣🤣🤣🤣,” while another said, “Never knew I needed this!!! 🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥.”

Read more comments below:

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