Teejay Hints at Big Deal With Warner Because of “Drift” Song

Mobay dancehall artiste Timoy Janeyo Jones who is more commonly known as Teejay took to social media on Thursday to show fans what he has been up to lately. In updating fans, four photos were shared, in two of them, the Up Top Boss was grinning from ear to ear, seemingly happy with the occasion.

Notably, Sharon Berk is in two of the photos, seemingly confirming that music business was being done.

Simply put, Teejay stated, “Damn look what drift did,” in the caption.

Currently, Drift is Teejay’s number-one song on Spotify and Apple music. The music video has amassed over 2.7 million views since being released three weeks ago on Youtube.

Many fans of the deejay seemingly were just as happy and sent their good wishes and congrats via comments. One person stated, “God bless no man can curse,” another said, “Warner Bros 😮‍💨.”

Someone asked, “Drift audio a deh inna a movie pan Disney?”

On the other hand, some of the fans could not resist taking jabs at his former manager Romeich, one stated, “U see more while u deh round ppl weh u think ago help u suh u gwan stay round Dem but Yaa stifle uself. U jus trust God lock yuh eye or open it n move n look at God. Drift a mash up every weh. I love my ppl so much. Wish u many more blessings me artiste 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 as a proud Jamaican.”

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