Teejay Issues A Strong ‘Warning’ In His New Diss Song – Listen to Audio

Sunday, October 1, 2023, 3:25 PM

Teejay has seemingly responded to Byron Messia reportedly dissing him online with his new song Warning. Earlier this week, Byron Messia reportedly blasted the Drift artiste and the individuals responsible for the staging of Reggae Sumfest for trying to hold down his career and being badmind.

The entertainer who hails from Montego Bay intro his song by stating, “Me not even waa no man a tell me nothing enuh dwag and me nevin a adjust nothing pon no internet, u zimi cause you caa big and bad you haffi born bad.”



Teejay continued his well militant and aggressive song by saying, “Uno doh bad a which waste man a program the fool them nuh killer and me know that fi true put yuh pon the scope and me aim and me zoom, head a bust a balloon if you know waa me know Portmore Head a float pon e shore send a rifle fi portal e road.”

As is usually the case in these subliminal diss tracks, Teejay refuses to mention any names directly, but dancehall fans will draw their own conclusion as to who Teejay is referring to in this fiery track as he issues a strong warning to his advisories.


Reactions to the song by dancehall fans have been mixed, with some set of fans advising Teejay not to follow up any other artiste and let them draw him out because he is bigger than that. Meanwhile, one set of fans is hailing the entertainer for a well-constructed song as they hope Byron Messia responds to kickstart a lyrical clash between the two artistes.

Listen to the audio below:


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