Teejay, Masicka, and Malie Donn’s Miraculous Plane Encounter; Amid Plane Engine Failure

In a heart-stopping turn of events, dancehall artistes Teejay, Masicka, and Malie Donn only just escaped a potentially catastrophic plane crash encounter. The hair-raising account unfolded through a live-stream video on Teejay’s page shortly after the trio’s flight had landed in Guyana.

The “Drift” singer, with his voice, tinged with relief and disbelief, began recounting the near-disastrous events that had unfolded thousands of feet above the ground. Teejay’s initial sombre words hinted at the gravity of the situation: “Something serious just happened.” He then proclaimed that God is real and God is good.

In continuing, he revealed that smoke was coming in through the plane’s window, triggering fear and uncertainty among the passengers. As the tension built, Teejay then revealed the pilot’s announcement that one of the plane’s engines had malfunctioned, sending shockwaves of disbelief through the group.


In a subsequent video, Teejay was joined by Malie Donn, adding a touch of humour to the situation. Amid some laughter, they echoed each other’s sentiments, declaring, “God nah mek so much a wi dead one time.”

The reference to the engine failure became a point of shared humour, with Malie Donn playfully quipping that the plane wasn’t equipped with a “V6,” alluding to his well-liked track “V6.”

The videos were posted to Instagram by @questimesofficial.

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The artistes’ close call in the skies prompted an outpouring of relief and well-wishes from their fans and followers. Some pointed out that aeroplanes can operate on one engine, even if the other has failed.

Others couldn’t help but chuckle at the lighthearted exchange between Teejay and Malie Don, finding humour even amid a potentially life-altering experience.

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