TeeJay Recalls jumping Fence to get voice at Studio plus getting Disrespected a lot in Dancehall

Mobay dancehall artiste Teejay was on live recently whereby he spoke about making it big in dancehall without getting a major collaboration nor dissing other top artistes.

According to Teejay “me is not a hype youth.. mi humble yo fuck… wholleep a diss mi get” he explains even though he got diss a lot he continued doing the music because of the love he had for it.


Teejay recalls himself jumping producer Jordon’s fence to get voiced on his hit riddim in the early part of his career among other struggles.

“Mi jus know Romeich and a tell him bout Uptop di dawg seh a fckry song that bredda” he went on to detail that Romeich later contacted him stating that he was joking and the song was hot.

Teejay explains that he was not supported by his biological father “my fada neva mine me enuh” hence he made it a mission to be the best father he can to his kids, the UpTop Boss also explained that his step father help him and his mother more than his real father.

The Romeich signed artiste also spoke about losing three friends in one day a couple months ago and how much the struggles in his life are real.

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The live chat in many parts seemingly was a response to an upcoming artiste dissing Teejay in his music, which was highlighted by a popular youtube vlogger.

Seemingly hurt from the vlog done about him getting disrespect, he went on to call the vloggers “foggers” because they dont know the artistes personally but talk in their vlogs like they do.

“Yo notice mi nuh diss people if mi nuh have nutn good fi seh mi nuh seh it” He concluded.

One fan commented “He is one of the realest artist I’ve ever encountered and when you’re humble and grateful for every moment good things will always come your way” while another said “Nuf love am 12years old I want to sing so much am a girl . god bless you tee jay nuff love mi boss”.

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