The entertainer made it clear that he’s not about the entourage life saying that ‘You don’t need 400 people around you’.

Whether it’s a community show or a major concert, the average dancehall entertainer is known to travel with an entourage that floods the stage and enclosed the artiste as they move from point A to point B.


In carving out a more international brand, fast rising artists Teejay is cautious about having one.

“I was born alone, and when I walk alone I get to hear my own footsteps. You don’t need 400 people around you, just the ones real to you and those who truly support you and we’re there from day one.” Said the DJ.

“You also need to know the occasion that fits so many people. I’ve been working hard to gain a certain level of success, and now that I’m aligned with corporate companies, not every occasion calls for a huge entourage.”

The ‘Uptop Boss’ DJ said that some dancehall artistes travel with a massive clique to complement a hardcore image, but he said that this might have dire consequences.

The Up Top DJ went on to state that,

“We know the environment surrounding dancehall can be a bit tense a times, and if you are out with your entourage and anything happens, even if you weren’t there, it’s more than likely the fault will be of the artiste. And if the artiste is associate with a corporate brand, that’s not good for the brand.”

Teejay, who is from St James, catapulted to the mainstream audience with his 2018 single Up Top, and showed much prowess at the last staging of Reggae Sumfest.

His performance caught the attention of Romeich Entertainment’s founder, Romeich Major, on whose label he is now signed.
The DJ said that,

“My music journey has been a long time coming, but 2018 made it seem like it just got started, and I’m ready.”

To mainstream his momentum, Teejay has released new song like Owna Lane, My Type, Pop Bottles & Uptop Party ft Beenie Man, and he has more singles in the works.

“For 2019, it’s about putting myself in a place to able to help my family and friends first and foremost and of course continuing the musical journey and continuing to make my fans proud,” he said.

“I also have goals I need to achieve musically and I’m in no rush. So 2019 is about setting things firmly, now that I’m getting more recognition from the right people.”

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