Teejay Serious about Going to the Next Level “Braff and Up Top”

Tuesday, September 18, 2018, 4:30 PM GMT-5

Teejay is one of the new artistes out of Montego Bay who has been putting in hard work as he builds his career in the music business. He is now signed to Romiech Entertainment.

Romeich Entertainment has been known to be good at marketing and producing hits. He has come out with new slangs and he says the Montego Bay artistes are coming out with new sounds as they want to be different.

Teejay’s new slangs like Braff and Up Top are being used a lot in Montego Bay right now, he says.
He spoke about Reggae Sumfest and how his performance on the show has given his career a boost and he is grateful for the exposure, as he has benefitted a lot from it.

When asked if the Montego Bay fans would be upset if he should relocate. Teejay said he doesn’t think they would have a problem with it. He says the people are glad to see what is happening for him and the other young artistes from Montego Bay. They are glad that a good example is being set for the young people who tend to get involved with gangs.

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