Teejay Thanks God In “Make It Out” New Music Video

Mobay dancehall artiste Teejay returns with a track showing gratitude for his success and giving all of the glory to God. The soulful track is titled “Make it Out” and it’s accompanied by a music video that has a very attractive female dancing.

It’s a song highlighting the positive changes in his life that he rather than the negative ones.


SOME LYRICS, “Man neva baan fi poor man a time fi richa… thank god we make it.”

One fan of Teejay commented, “How can a guy just be making pure hits??Jahknow,” while another said, “Teejay songs always connect with me instantly. Him alone have this effect on me I swear 🔥🔥🔥.”

Released hours ago, the music video is currently trending on youtube at the number 25 spot.

Watch the music video for “Make It Out” below.

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