Teen Impregnates Stepmother

Overwhelmed by guilt, an 18-year-old boy has shared his story of the incidents that led to him impregnating his father’s wife.

The teen, who did not disclose his name, shared that his father remarried two years ago after he separated from his mother. Like his father, his stepmother had children prior to their relationship and was the mother of two girls.

Recounting his story in a letter to the Jamaica Star‘s Tell Me Pastor column, the young man shared the first incident of his deteriorating relationship with his stepfamily. According to the 18-year-old, during a visit to his Father’s home, his stepsister, who is the same age as him, offered him a drink.

He declined due to his religious faith but agreed to play a game of truth or dare with her. After refusing to answer one of his questions, the girl began taking off her blouse, which she explained was a part of the game and the penalty for not answering.

He left her room after the encounter and went on to leave the house the following day. The boy shared that he has not been to the house since, with his family issues later worsening when his father and stepmother attended his birthday party a few weeks later.

Persuaded by his mother to drink to celebrate the occasion, he became intoxicated after having roughly three drinks. The teen was later called upstairs by his stepmother to receive his birthday gift privately.

According to the boy, the woman began kissing him when they were alone in his room, and they eventually had sex. The young man shared that his stepmother is now pregnant and, convinced that the child is his, he is now horrified at the thought of revealing the secret to his father.

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