Teenager Kills Grandfather and buries him in Shallow Grave

October 12, 2018 7:21 PM

Darlene and the rest of her family were preparing for the funeral of a baby’s father in Pondside, Redhills, St. Andrew, when she realized that her father, Errol who she was just getting to know, did not attend the Set up or the funeral.

Darlene remembers that her father had told her that his grandson had threatened to kill him before he had left the area, and he was a bit worried as he was coming back. He had promised to be careful and nothing else was said about the matter.


She started wondering why he said she should contact him, but she never heard from him again. His niece Karen decided to visit the police station to report that he was missing. The police told her that there were only two officers there and they would not be able to go to the community so she should return on Monday.

She then went to his home to see if he was sick and in bed and noticed that his step grandson was in the house and he had not turned on any lights. She asked him to turn them on and he said she should come in and do it herself. At that time she noticed he was acting strange and she opened a window and realized that there was a foul odour coming from the back.

She went to see what caused it and saw fresh dirt in the yard and after she started moving the dirt a hand was revealed. The residents in the area were quickly alerted and they held on to the teen and started beating him. He told them that he cut the 73-year-old man’s hand and left it to bleed until he died. He is now in police custody.


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