Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Ex Opens up about Alleged Abuse

Sara Molina has given an interview about the alleged abuse she suffered while she was in a relationship with Tekashi 6ix9ine for seven years.

It is alleged that Molina told the media representative that 6ix9ine who would physically abuse her many times during their relationship; punched her in her head for no reason, while they were in Dubai and the hair extension clip entered her scalp and caused so much damage, there was blood on the pillow case in the hotel room. This caused him to get scared and asked her to stay when she wanted to return to New York.

However, it was said that the rapper constantly accused Molina of having an affair with Kifano “Shotti” Jordan, his ex-manager. It was said that he was trying to get a confession out of her, while he had slept with 70 women in a year. She remembered being beaten for 2 hours and getting a punch in her ear that left her thinking that she was deaf.

Molina who has a daughter for 6ix9ine also remember how he almost suffocated her with a pillow after he kicked her, choked her and forced her to have sex with him. She alleged that he beat her before their daughter and only stopped when Shotti stepped in. She was able to produce photos to prove that her accusations were true.

This only adds to the number of accusations that Tekashi has been charged with over a number of years.

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