Tesha Miller – Clansman Gang Member Gives Details at Trial

A member of the Clansman gang that based in St. Catherine took the stand in court in the recent trial of Tesha Miller the alleged leader of the gang.

Miller is on trial for being an accessory before and after the fact to murder. The charge is related to the killing of Douglas Chambers in 2008.


Details of the inner workings of the Clansman gang was given by the prosecutions and described the hierarchy that included he and Miller.

The star witness said he played the role of an area leader before he was incarcerated for the murder, he committed when he was a member of the gang. He also said he carried duties on behalf of Tesha Miller, these duties included killing, extortion and robbery.

He stated that he joined the gang when he was, 13-years-old and he is now, 29-years-old and he is weary of his lifestyle. He is tired of being a robber and a murderer and decided to take the stand because he wanted to put an end to the gang activities.

He said Tesha Miller was the Don who employed foot soldiers in the community to watch out for the police or any unknown person who entered the community so they could report to him. He also said the young men who joined the gang got money, guns and Miller would rent cars and for them to drive.

When he mentioned that the money that was collected from robberies and extortion was used to pay lawyers to represent the gangsters when they were caught by the police and to support the ones who were caught and locked up.

However, Miller’s lawyer Mr. Bert Samuels asked the judge to recommend that the statement about the origin of the money that was used to pay lawyers be disregarded, because it brought the legal profession in disrepute.

The witness said he lost 13 members of his family because of gang activities between 2013 and 2015 and he is fed up with what is going on, he just couldn’t take any more of that lifestyle.

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