Texas Man Confesses that he Killed Wife While Sleep Walking

November 9, 2019 4:56 PM

Raymond Lazarine a 67-year-old man who lives in Houston, Texas. He confessed that he killed his wife in 2013. He said he had shot her six times, but he was dreaming and had no control over his actions.

He called his son on the same day when he shot her and said he had shot his wife whom he had married 35 years ago.


He told the police officers who took him into custody that he was, dreaming and his lawyer is thinking of using that information in court.

Feroz F Merchant, his attorney, Said, ”Our position over here is this was a dream and it wasn’t voluntary “ on November 4.

A detective who was retired testified and said he was told that Raymond mentioned that he was in a dream when he visited the scene. “This is a dream I wish I could wake up from”, this is the statement that the detective heard Lazarene also.


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