“That’s My Wife Right There” Says Man Who Caught His Wife Cheating

This a random video found on the internet of a woman seemingly cheating on her husband and according to the upset husband/cameraman, he recorded the incident because he wanted to show the judge while trying to get a divorce.

After walking in on the scene, the man said, “You with my wife… that’s my wife right there,” to the male who was with the female in the room. “Please give ma divorces… i dont want to deal wid this anymore,” begged the husband who outlines that he has no beef with the female and he loves his daughter.


One person watch the video and commented, “The only reason he didn’t react violently was due to his daughter. You can tell that being an active father and apart of her life means way more to him than anything else.,” while another said, “No one will see but the judge then shows the whole world. Epic.”

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