The Benefits of Russian Nightlife

While a lot of modern western men prefer online dating as the main option to find and marry a Russian woman, some prefer more old-fashioned methods. Some men still travel to Russia to find those gorgeous females in natural environment. In cases like that you need to know where to go. As you are unlikely to look for a girl right on the street, you need to know the places where people gather in Russia, thus you need to know everything about nightlife in Russia, or in Moscow at least. Moreover, even if you prefer the convenience of online dating, you will benefit from the knowledge of Moscow’s nightlife, as you know how Russian girls like when foreigners know a thing or two about Russia and its culture, and nightlife is also a part of the culture. So, let’s dig deeper in the topic of what to do in Moscow in night.


RAI is always developing to remain at the forefront of club culture. Since hitting the Moscow scene four years ago, the club has refined its cutting edge vibe and today you’ll find a trendsetting venue that competes with the world’s most distinguished nightspots.

RAI sits at the heart of the Russian capital and pulsates with the beat of this legendary city. Loud and lavish, the parties here attract some of the most beautiful people on the planet.

Always evolving and moving with the times, RAI last year launched Evolution, a brand new program of quality music, stunning shows and an atmosphere you won’t find elsewhere. Trendy, tasty and utterly irresistible, RAI is the club of choice for those in the know. Of course there is a possibility to find a girl there, and if you take your Russian girlfriend there, she will be definitely impressed.

City Space Bar

Floor-to-ceiling windows offer a breathtaking 360 view of the Moscow skyline, while the expert bartenders mix up a selection of fabulously extravagant cocktails; classic drinks have been given a modern twist by these ‘cocktail designers’. Winner of several awards and was named one of the world’s top ten bars in 2008, City Space Bar is a hotspot for the city’s fashionable elite. What can be better than spending time with your Russian girlfriend in one of the best bars in the world, while observing one of the most beautiful cities in the world?

GQ Bar

This creation of Arkady Novikov, the famous Russian restaurateur, who own a string of elite bars and restaurants across Moscow, is situated in the cavernous 17th century warehouse. GQ Bar offers food and drinks of high quality, with the clientele seemingly pulled from the magazine images that adorn the walls of the restaurant. The bar has a timeless décor of dark oak and white walls, and the large windows provide plenty of light. A great place to start your evening, GQ Bar is located in the Baltschug area, close to many of Moscow’s finest hotels and tends to attract a more mature, business-minded crowd. This makes GQ Bar a more suitable place to take your Russian girlfriend to, in order to impress her, rather then expecting to find someone there.

For more places where to enjoy Moscow’s nightlife, you can always ask the staff of your hotel.


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