The Chinese vs. The Jamaican Road Workers

Jamaican workers who have been working on the highways that are being built because of loans the Jamaican Government received from the Chinese Government. Have been complaining for many years about the poor working conditions, the lack of health benefits, other benefits and the low wages.

Yesterday the management of China Harbour Engineering Company CHEC and the Union that represents the workers, the Union of Clerical Administrative Supervisory Employees UCASE, had a meeting as the more than 150 workers stayed off the job last week. They returned this week and the dispute is still not settled.

Sources revealed that the Government and other Jamaicans seem to be afraid of the Chinese and the poor workers are left to suffer. They have been saying there is no difference between what is happening now and slavery.

The workers say they are not receiving payslips sometimes and the Chinese say they are paying in line with industry standards.

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