The Complete Guide For Buying Adjustable Bedding

You must research the best beds 2022. Choose a comfortable height and width. Second, find a bed with adjustable legs to customize its support. Third, look for a memory foam or latex bed topper. Ensure the bed can withstand daily use.

Adjustable beds are life-changing. What to do when options abound? Seven important points.


1. Is Engineering Really That Good?

The fact that the furniture moves is what makes it so complex. How many furniture pieces can swivel? You can also move them in different ways if you have higher-end bases. It’s not cheap to buy adjustable beds. Take your time and look at different models before making a final decision. 

2. How Much Science Went Into Designing It?

Let’s assume that the base has acceptable engineering. The next question to ask is how did the positions and features come about? For example, lumbar support can’t be used if it doesn’t align with the spine. Is the massage motion merely a moving motion or something more? Did scientists or doctors help to develop the bed? Check the edges and seams for good finishes, solid materials, and overall stability. 

3. What Features Does It Provide?

The entry-level base will often allow you to operate both the head and foot. The operation should be smooth and the sleeping positions comfortable. Higher-end adjustable beds have more appealing features such as variable message levels, enhanced neck support, and improved pressure. 

4. Split Adjustable Base

A split adjustable base can be useful if you are sharing your bed with another person. It allows both of you to adjust the bed independently. The manufacturer should provide two-bed remotes, so each person can adjust the other end of the bed with their remote. This is great for couples with sleep apnea. Split adjustable bases make your mattress apart. A split king mattress can be ordered. This allows independent movement of both sides. The Split King mattress is basically two separate twin mattresses, each with its own domain. If you are a lover of cuddling and like to sleep on your side, ensure that the partially split mattress can move freely with the base in its foot. 

6. Remotes Or Apps Can Enhance The Experience

A good adjustable base will come with an easy-to-use remote. It is an advantage if the remote can be used backlit. You can do the same if it’s wireless. A few manufacturers are aware that you cannot have too many charging stations. This is why they made quality remote cradles that can charge your smartphone. Ask your sales representative for a demo of their smartphone app. A top-end app allows you to program multiple positions and settings for massage with precise timings.

7. Who Made The Bed For You? Guarantees, Service, Reputation

Many companies are entering the adjustable bed market, trying to make a quick profit and without understanding power beds. Avoid them. A power mattress is a very complex piece. It can be compared to a car because it contains moving parts, electronics, and an engine. It’s important to ensure that you’re dealing only with a company capable of building a large number of electric beds, and who is well-respected for their ability to stand behind them. A great bed warranty can also be a sign you have a powerful base. Take a look at the top bed manufacturers and you will notice that they aren’t very open about their warranties. Because most of them have power bases that they farm out. Some companies even require that you return the base to be serviced.

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