The Current Condition Of Rygin King’s Recovery

Saturday, November 6, 2021, 11:34 AM

The trap king “Dancehall baddest ting” Rygin King recently released a music video entitled “Whine Fi Me”, and since then many people have been happy to see the entertainer still putting out tracks however, many have been wondering if the artiste is now able to walk.

In the “Whine Fi Me” video, the entertainer can be seen sitting all the time while performing the lyrics of the song, and even looks like he had gained a few extra pounds due to inactivity.


Rygin King whose real name is Matthew Smith was shot last year in June after stopping along the road in Struie Westmoreland for a tyre change when unknown gunmen pulled up alongside his vehicle releasing gunfire, which also hit a female he was travelling with, leaving her dead.

Not long after the incident, rumours that the artiste might have been paralyzed began to spread throughout the media but was quickly dismissed as false by the artiste’s management team.

Since then Rygin King has released several songs including “No Emotion”, “Mission”, and “Glu”, topping things off with this year’s fresh releases.

Just June of this Year the deejay was brought overseas for treatment, however, that is all that is known about that session and no one except the entertainer’s team and supporters knows the details of what took place and how it impacts King, moving forward.

This year, Rygin King took over the hearts of his fans when he did a rendition of Daddy U Roy’s “Stop That Train”, which made his fans from all over miss him in such a way that they would have wished to be seeing him performing the sensational track live, however, due to the entertainer’s injuries, that would have not been possible.

Just days ago a video was posted to the Mobay dancehall artiste’s Instagram page, promoting his dubplate sessions that are lined up for this weekend and how interesting persons can contact him for dubs. Aside from the promotion of the dubplate session Ryging King was making moves and steps as if he was fully recovered, this has left many to believe that he is walking again, while some persons suggest that it was an old video.

Check out his post below.

Hopefully, we will be hearing some positive news soon as it relates to the Dancehall artiste’s ability to walk as many lovers of the genre have been missing the electric live performing style of the entertainer.

Check out his most recent music video below.

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