The Curvy Diva Has Wild Night with Another Female

Media host and entertainer, Yanique “The Curvy Diva” Barrett, is now under the spotlight after a video surfaced online showing her wilding out at a party with a friend, leading others to assume that she has switched her sexual preference to females.

The video was also posted on Mouta Massi’s Instagram page. The Curvy Diva was first seen inhaling smoke from a swisher pipe into her mouth, by another female. The same female was also spotted on a chair, jiggling her bottom, which Yanique was seen slapping very erotically. The two females were again seen in the video dancing closely and intimately touching each other. These displays have caused social media followers to stretch their minds with assumptions.

In the comments beneath the video post, some fans suggested that Yanique was “going the other way”. Some comments included, “She a long time that”. Another comment read, ” this is rather distasteful”, and “Yanique went mon… kinda figure that out long time still”.

Some followers of the popular page were also defending the entertainer, stating that they love it, and it is very sexy, arguing that the media personality and entertainer has the right to enjoy her life and do what she chooses. Check out the video below.

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