The Death toll rises as the Spread of the Coronavirus Worsens

China’s death toll is now at 101 as the battle with the latest Coronavirus goes on in that country. The total number of infected individuals who were confirmed to be carrying the coronavirus now stands at 4000+, most of these cases in are in China, 5 in the USA,  Australia had 4, Cambodia 1, France 3, Hong Kong 5, Japan 3, Macao 2, Malaysia 3, Nepal 1, Singapore 4, Taipei 3, Thailand 5, Vietnam 2, and South Korea 2.  

After one patient infected 14 health care workers, with the Coronavirus. Aspects of this new epidemic have been very alarming, as it seems to be a ‘super spreader’. Now there are disease detectives, and countries have geared up to take care of infected persons, just in case the virus infects anyone there.

It is easy for the Super Spreaders to kill a lot of people quickly. There were the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome, MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and now the Wuhan virus is related to SARS, Mary Mallon or Typhoid Mary and MERS, they are coronaviruses.

New Coronavirus Cause Countries around the Globe to Gear up


These viruses are also called ‘super shedders’ as well because they can be spread among many persons whenever one individual sneezes or coughs.

Now no one knows what will happen to Wuhan, a city that was populated by thousands of persons, but it is now quarantined.

In China, doctors are trying to prevent a repeat of what happened after the other ‘super shedders’ SARS and MERS took the lives of many citizens.

The airports in China are equipped with scanners to check the temperature of the people who pass through. Some Chinese have been wearing masks on their faces in order to protect themselves. There is also a need for the use of hand sanitizers and the washing of hands has been recommended.

China took many drastic steps recently to contain the Coronavirus outbreak, 48 million have been quarantined. Inter-province buses that travel from and to Beijing and suspended all tour groups making it impossible for persons to travel outside the country. The US has secured its borders, as more persons have been dying after they got infected.

Those who are infected with the coronavirus are transmitting the disease to two or more persons, two studies have shown that this has led to the virus’s rapid spread.

The authorities must figure out how to stop more than 60 percent of the virus’s transmission to control the spread of it, the researchers said. it will be a serious challenge because it is now clear that the disease is being spread from human to human.

The economic loss can be devastating when persons are not travelling and doing business as they did before.

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