The Director of Public Prosecutions to take Kartel’s Lawyer Isat Buchanan to Legal Council

Thursday, November 26, 2020, 9:40 PM GMT-5

The Office Of The Director of Public Prosecutions has taken a counteractive approach to the statements made by Attorney at law Isat Buchanan, representing Vybz Kartel in his case.

Previously Buchanan had used the word “dodgy”, and “shady”, to describe the actions of the prosecution as he stated to Loop News that the ODPP was delaying the process of granting access to the devices containing the evidence.

The DPP has stated in a recent Gleaner article that they will be taking the Attorney to the Legal Council, as his actions were irresponsible and outrageous.

The Prosecution’s Office also gave grounds upon which the young vibrant Attorney has crossed the line where his legal profession is concerned.

The DPP stated that the accusations were fake and Buchanan did not receive their permission for the article published by Loop news, on the 23rd of September.

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The prosecution’s Office mentioned in the Gleaner article that the word “Dodgy”, is used to describe criminals.

They also said it was not the first time Isat Buchanan’s team of lawyers have made accusations against the Office.

The DPP declared, they were not against granting access to the phone and Isat would have known as he was copied in all the emails.

They also said there should have been a technician, who would have to travel into the country, however, due to the Covid-19 restrictions he would not have been able to reach Jamaica, so they were figuring another way.

The DPP said Buchanan, would have gotten all that information, and so his actions are a “break of ethics” that can destroy their reputation.

They also explained that the young attorney’s “youthful exuberance”, places them at risk.

Going before the legal council could mean that Attorney Buchanan loses his authority as a lawyer, or even get convicted, however, the main thought that might be in the air is the impact that this situation will have on Vybz Kartel’s case.

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