The Importance of Having a Strong Immune System to Battle COVID-19

Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 3:08 PM

In a recent interview with Dr. Donovan Whyte, he revealed that It is good to have extra food, gloves, hand sanitizers and cleansers in homes now, but we should do more for our Immune System and understand how to boost it.
The immune system is a mechanical system in the body that is used to defend the body against diseases and even cancer. We can reduce the number of infections in the body when the immune system is strong enough to fight infections that would normally make us ill. Infections thrive when there is low oxygen in the body, we can reduce the number of illnesses we have by exercising and doing other things to increase the amount of oxygen in us.

He said, “If we do things that encourage infections to grow, they will”. However, simple things like drinking green vegetable juices will improve the amount of oxygen in the body. He said the coronavirus is only approximately 3 months old and he doesn’t know much about it, but the principles of management or our diet and time we spend exercising remain the same.


There are things we can do to help eliminate infections in the body. We can use Garlic as it is a powerful antibiotic and a natural spice, it kills infections and it is a good thing for us to have in our homes at this time. Having one peg twice a day is good for us, it can be combined with honey.

There is a combination drink using the Garlic, Pineapple, Ginger and Turmeric. These ingredients support each other and gives the body lots of vitamin C, antioxidants and natural ways to heal. Turmeric is a natural pain killer as well.

Foods remain the most important tool, food has natural energy in them, we should be having a lot of vegetables and fruits. Some persons like ground provisions, but they die when they are cooked. We have a good variety of them in Jamaica.

The most important nutrient of all is the air and re-breathing the same air we breathe out in air-conditioned offices in which we work, is not good for us, fresh air is very essential.

The fear that goes with the COVID-19 virus is cause for concern, he said, as people seem to be rushing around and doing things without thinking much and making a lot more errors.

Personal hygiene, having regular baths and washing clothes frequently, cleaning the house, cleaning surfaces and leaving shoes at the door these things are important now. Now people must take responsibility for their own space.

He says the flesh is full of infections and it is dead, even seafood is still flesh as well and people should only eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as flesh should be left to the scavengers. 

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