The Incredible Effects Of Honey And Cannabis

Monday, November 25, 2019, 7:52 AM
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Bees were recently named by scientists as the most important organism in the whole world. They are known to be the only animals that are not a vector of any diseases. They are also known to be the only animals known to create food that is also edible for humans – Honey.

Honey has water, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. All of these are essential to sustain life. The nutritional value and therapeutic benefits that people can get from honey have been observed, documented and passed on from generation to the next since time immemorial.


When you combine the health benefits of honey with the benefits of marijuana, then you can create delicious food that can provide a wide array of medicinal benefits.

The infusion of cannabis to many food products is not new. Everybody has had brownies with cannabis before. But as the legalization of marijuana is increasing to more states, we are seeing more interest in the experimentation of cannabis and cannabis-based food products in other kinds of food and recipes. This is extremely important not only in helping you get the most benefits from your weed. Ultimately, this is helpful in making marijuana popular to the masses. Perhaps not everyone would want to smoke. However, who does not want honey?

This is why as a nutritional and medicinal product; a honey infused cannabis can be a really great treat to try. You can the health benefits from both the honey and marijuana at the same time.

So exactly what are the health benefits of infusing honey with cannabis? Since honey infused cannabis is produced with the plant of marijuana, one can expect that honey infused cannabis has gotten the health and wellness benefits associated with the weed.

Cannabis plants, of course, differ from one another. There are different varieties of it. You can actually choose the specific weed from the best seed banks that deliver in the USA here to grow the specific variety of marijuana that you want to use in your honey infused cannabis.

In general, an infusion of indica dominant variety of marijuana will create a nice indica dominant honey infused cannabis.

Indica-dominant varieties of plants produce highly cerebral effects. Expect to feel extremely relaxed and happy. As such, expect the honey infused cannabis produced from this kind of variety of marijuana to make you fall asleep. Indica dominant honey infused cannabis will produce the tell-tale indica effects. It can be sedative and may not be able to produce the “high” often expected from marijuana-based products. In general, indica dominant honey infused cannabis may be effective in the management of fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, acid reflux, and sinus problems.

Honey of course will not lose its medicinal effects. Honey has long been celebrated for various health benefits including antisepsis and antibiotic effects and its amazing nutritional value. This makes it extremely beneficial for inspection and other similar diseases. Therefore, a honey infused cannabis can help with coughing, memory issues, hangovers, acne, sinus problems, cuts and burns, and even dandruff.

Other important benefits of cannabis honey also include improvement in mood and prevention of mood swings, improvement in your appetite, easing up of feeling of nausea and vomiting, relaxation of tense muscles, and long-term management of pain.

Cannabis honey is a versatile food substance. It can be used and processed in a variety of ways. Some people use it as a great addition to their favorite recipes. Some people take advantage of the sweetness of honey to naturally sweeten their drinks such as tea. As a food source, it is used as sweetener for jams or even used as filling for bread.


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