The Legitimacy Of YouTube Trending Being Seriously Questioned

September 12, 2021

Dancehall fans are once again questioning the legitimacy of Youtube trending, as some have noticed a recent discrepancy where it concerns the now popular “1 Matik” riddim produced by Cj the chemist. The most popular songs on the project are currently trending however, it was noticed by fans of the genre that the track on the project that has the most views is not even on the trending list.

The song we are talking about is “Gvnman Shift” by the new dancehall gunner Skeng, whose rise is being predicted to be unlike any in the space due to the level at which his music is being received by followers of Dancehall, especially the “4th Genna” group supporters.


Currently the official music video for “Gvnman Shift”, is at 1.8 million views which is quite a way ahead of Intence’s track on the riddim entitled “Poison” which has its official music video trending at number 1 on YouTube with over 900k views, while Rytikal sits in, 2nd place on trending with his song on the project called “Where I’m From”, with 324k views and Govana holds number 5th position with his “1 Matik” song at 996k views.

These numbers and trending spots have caused much confusion to fans as it is out of their reason as to why a song with the most views on a trending project, is not trending at all.

It is not the first time that Youtube has been placed in the hot seat by Dancehall lovers and Artistes, just a few months ago Vybz Kartel had the same issue with one of his tracks that he uploaded, where Youtube had it trending then took it off when there was more than enough reason for it to be on the list.

So far, the whole idea of trending on youtube was thought by most fans to be determined by current views however it is now known that it cannot be so since “Gvnman Shift”, is currently one of the most played songs in the Caribbean.

To move forward with solving pertinent issues of this kind, there will need to be some form of communication between representatives from the local music space, and Youtube concerning the factors that determine trending positions because if an issue of this sort is not solved there will continue to be much confusion among creatives and backlash towards the media platform.

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