The Mysterious Absence of Chronixx: Jamaica’s Reggae Prodigy Gone Silent!

Once hailed as the successor to Bob Marley, Jamaican Reggae artiste Jamar Rolando McNaughton who is more commonly known as Chronixx has conspicuously faded from the public’s eyes, sparking widespread curiosity and concern among fans and industry insiders alike. With a career that skyrocketed with hits that resonated not only in Jamaica but across the globe, his sudden retreat from the music scene and major events in his homeland raises more questions than answers.

Chronixx, a native of St. Catherine, Jamaica, burst onto the Reggae scene with an energy and authenticity that captivated audiences worldwide. His songs, which rank among the most popular Reggae tracks globally, have amassed hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, establishing him as a cornerstone of the genre. His influence and potential led many to view him as the next torchbearer of Reggae music, following in the colossal footsteps of Bob Marley.

However, in recent years, Chronixx’s visibility has dramatically diminished. His absence is particularly felt in Jamaica, where he once was a prominent figure at major music events. Notably, he was last seen by the Jamaican public at a protest, an appearance that spiralled into controversy due to a viral video showing a man hurling expletives, believed to be directed at Chronixx. While it was later reported that the tirade was not aimed at him, Chronixx’s silence on the matter did little to quell the speculation.

Currently, only one post appears on Chronixx’s Instagram page which has over 800k followers. The post was made on January 20th. The post shows an image of Kelissa, he wrote, “Never ending search and revelation of beauty. Been a very enlightening journey making music through the years @kelissamusic #spellbound”

The reggae artiste’s absence was keenly felt at significant events like Rebel Salute 2024 and Protoje’s recent Reggae show in Kingston, occasions where his presence would have been expected given his Rastafarian beliefs and close association with fellow artistes in the community. This uncharacteristic withdrawal from public life and the music industry has sparked various theories, from a possible personal sabbatical to focusing on unseen projects.

Where Is Chronixx?

Recently, Mouta Massi reshared a video on Instagram which has the following written on it, “What Happened to Chronixx After That day in Halk way three??”

Many people made sure to give their opinion on the matter, one person stated, “Jamaica will build you and break you ofto be strong to make it out,” while another asked, “Why him take a step back but proto and Lila still make songs that hits…?”

See more of the reactions to the video below:

Chronixx’s departure from the spotlight is not just a loss for Jamaica but for the global Reggae community. His music, imbued with messages of love, resistance, and social consciousness, resonated with a universal audience, embodying the spirit of Reggae itself. As fans and fellow musicians ponder his whereabouts and well-being, the hope remains that Chronixx will reemerge, continuing to inspire and influence with his unique voice and profound lyrical prowess.

Chronixx released his last song back in 2022, he recently outlined that, “I don’t have any releases scheduled for the near future.”

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