The Petition Started In Effort To Free Tory Lanez Gathers Momentum

A petition calling for an appeal of Tory Lanez’s conviction has gained traction online after the singer was found guilty of shooting Meg Thee Stallion. It has achieved 19k signatures so far, and the number is set to rise as the support of the embattled artist grows.

The petition claims Tory’s trial was a “circus of speculation, insufficient evidence, inconsistencies, and drunken memories [that] left us without much moral certainty of any truth.” It is still unclear how or if the petition will be able to overturn the judgment, handed out to the “Say It” singer. The petition that was launched online for the release of the Canadian native was started by Yasin Toure, who had a lot of say regarding the court’s decision.

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To prevent Tory Lanez from serving jail time, his family and friends have banded together, Tory’s dad gave an emotional and powerful speech outside the courthouse after the verdict was handed down. He firmly believes that god sees the injustice that his son has suffered and will deliver his freedom in short order.

Tory’s next viable option is to launch a full-scale appeal against the decision. There is a high chance that the appeal process will be unsuccessful, appeals courts don’t typically throw out guilty verdicts. Tory Lanez could face the possibility of deportation and will not be allowed to enter America.

The rapper who was found guilty on three counts will be sentenced in early January 2023.

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