The Queen Is A “Symbol Of Genocide, Colonisation And…” Says This Woman – Watch Video

Saturday, September 10, 2022, 10:30 AM GMT-5

Many Jamaicans and the world on a whole have been reacting to the passing of the Queen who died at age 96 on September 8, 2022. Her reign, that lasted for 70 years strong, drew a myriad of views from wishing the remaining royal family members well, wanting to honour Queen Elizabeth II’s death and yes, some have even vocalized that her death was a long time coming.

See video of how some Jamaicans reacted to the news of the Her Majesty’s passing:

On the other hand, an award-winning entrepreneur and business coach, Yaneek Page, with over 17 thousand followers posted a video of an Iraqis woman vocalizing how she, and others may not have the most favourable things to say or the best feelings towards the Queen’s death. The caption read, “Wow…what a perspective.”

In the video, the woman speaks about how the masses find it insensitive to downplay the death of the Queen, but also introduces a perspective where at the other end of the late monarch’s reign, existed colonization, genocide, and all manner of violent institutions that it brought.

She vocalized that Queen Elizabeth II was the one on the throne when her country was destroyed in the war that was led by Britain and how just before her passing, she knighted Tony Blair (an individual who was a “criminal mastermind” behind said war). She likened honouring the Queen’s 70-year reign and respecting her death to agreeing with killing “hundreds of thousands of Iraqis”.

She also remarked that this specific instance was just a drop in the bucket of the many horrors “committed in the name of a crown adorned with the spoils of war”. She feels it is unacceptable for others to regulate how victims of the crown talk about the Queen’s death. To end, she stated that if people choose to remember the Queen’s legacy, they should remember both the good and the bad that it represents.

Watch the video below:

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