News Of The Return Of Serial Rapist Davian Bryan Have Left Portland Residents Living In Fear

Wednesday, March 16, 2022, 5:27 PM

Residents of the Durham Gap community in Portland are living in fear due to news of the return of serial rapist, Davian Bryan, the man accused of raping two young children in St. Thomas last year, now reportedly roaming their streets and preying on women.

Since this year, the police have also confirmed that Bryan is a suspect in the attack of a woman in the same community. Reports are that the woman was rescued after calling for help and had to be taken to the Port Antonio Hospital for treatment, but was soon transferred to another hospital where she was admitted.


A witness to the assault told the Observer that “He attacked her and throw her in the bush. Her head mash-up”.

A resident from the community known as Nadine Anderson voiced her concerns regarding his comeback and dismissed rumours that her mother is assisting Bryan to elude the police. She expressed that her fear stems from a remark that she heard that the rapist had made about her daughters. That remark was “how much her daughters have grown”.

Further to that, she indicated that she knew the aggressor but has not associated herself with him for six years. This close familiarity coupled with the comment made about her daughters has struck immense fear amongst her household, where she mentioned that she has since retreated to staying inside her home and has disregarded her farming that is used to provide for her family.

Numerous residents have shared similar views on the matter, where they too have expressed fear of the return of Bryan. More so, they confirmed that he is indeed back in the Durham Gap community but expressed that they are hesitant about reporting him to the police out of fear of him harming them.

They, however, showed a hut that they suspect is being used by Bryan which upon inspection revealed a sponge for sleeping, kitchen utensils and edible food planted nearby.

Hut in the Durham Gap community suspected to be used by Serial Rapist, Davian Bryan

Davian Bryan is wanted by the police for the illegal possession of a firearm and rape. He was also scheduled to appear before the Portland Circuit Court on February 17 but failed to show. Additionally, Bryan is also suspected to be involved in the rape of a female student that occurred on March 10, 2022, at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE) in Portland.

“Davian Bryan is asked to surrender to the police as there is a warrant out for his arrest,” Superintendent Kenneth Chin said as he urged the accused to turn himself in.

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