The Rewards of Learning an Instrument

Tuesday, May 26, 2020, 12:45 PM

Learning an instrument can be very rewarding. There are innumerable benefits associated with playing an instrument, not only social but physically and mentally. As we creep slowly on through to the next generation, those young adults playing instruments appear to lessen, and when once learning an instrument was a mandatory part of your schooling, it is now optional.

Beginning to learn an instrument can be difficult. So difficult, in fact, many quit at the first hurdle, but if you persevere, you will find there are many guides and tutorials catering for beginners that can dispel any angst or anxiety and teach you properly. 


Whether you learn online, or in person, you should always know how to play at least one instrument.

It Has Been Proven That Playing Instruments Makes You Smarter

Academic discourse shows a correlation between those who play instruments and better grades, in both adolescents and adults. It has been proven that by learning to play an instrument your cognitive abilities improve and functions in your brain such as memory and reasoning skills, which contribute to science and math.

Playing Instruments Can Be Stress Relieving

In times of heightened tension where we all exhibit some form of anxiety or another, the calmative effects of music perhaps are more needed than ever. Music has been shown to have a significant effect on our emotions and has been shown to release endorphins that contribute to an all-around better mood. Classical music out of all of them has been shown to have the best effect on the human psyche, and is said to slow your heart rate, lower stress hormones, and lower blood pressure.

It Can Create New Social Opportunities

Playing an instrument is a great thing to do for networking. From joining groups of musicians, to just play with people you know who also enjoy music. You can make friends at classes, recitals, and even people who just approach you and inquire about your music. Music really can open doors socially for you.

Playing an Instrumental Builds Your Confidence

By playing an instrument you will be afforded an avenue of self-expression. Many people go through their ordinary, mundane lives, unable to express themselves and are screaming inside for an outlet. By playing an instrument you will become familiar and comfortable with public self-expression and therefore your confidence will reach new highs.

You Will Feel Satisfied

Playing an instrument gives you a feeling of satisfaction. By learning, failing, and succeeding, you will feel like a new person. Finally conquering a troublesome riff will give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction, and even pride, you could find nowhere else.

Learning an Instrument Can Make You Patient

Learning an instrument can increase your confidence and patience. After trying and failing to learn an instrument, but by constantly persevering, every time you look back you will remember the struggle, thereby helping you to grow more patient and tolerant of potential or perceived hardships.

Increases Cognitive Ability

It has been proven that by learning an instrument your cognitive function and memory increases significantly. The side of the brain that handles spatial reasoning, is the side of the brain that learns to play an instrument. Wondrously, by learning an instrument you will begin to use both sides of your brain more often, thereby increasing your memory tenfold.

Playing an Instrument is Proven to Make You More Creative!

It has been proven that by learning an instrument, practicing and perfecting it, significantly increases your creativity, and makes you more creative than other people who do not. This newfound creativity can work wonders when it comes to writing your own unique pieces of music

Playing Music Increases Your Discipline

Another proven benefit of playing an instrument is that it is proven to increase your discipline, which is an extension of patience. By learning to play an instrument, gritting your teeth through the inevitable frustration, and carrying on despite any inconveniences or feeling uncomfortable, it is proven you can become more disciplined and less likely to quit at the first hurdle.

Beyond It All, Playing An Instrument Is Fun!

So often in the digitized generation do we believe the only avenues to have fun are by social media, computers, or any form of technology. Learning to play an instrument can be not only rewarding for all of the aforementioned reasons, but really, really fun. Whether you play with friends or family, strangers, or colleagues, playing an instrument can make you laugh, cry, and scream with joy. As with any hobby, it is fun to those who play it! On its surface you may feel little joy could be derived from playing an instrument, but you would be wrong!

So, with little reason not to, why don’t you go and learn to play an instrument today? By learning to play an instrument you will reap innumerable rewards and hopefully make yourself a better person one key at a time!

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