The rise of Plastic Surgery in Jamaica

August 21, 2018

Plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery such as Lipo Filling and Lipo suction are getting more popular in Jamaica these days. The number of women who enhance their looks are far more than the men, who will get face lifts, liposuction to flatten abs and lipo filling to enlarge private part.

Jamaican women are getting their breasts enlarged, their tummy tucks done, their butts enlarged and more. Gone are the days when women would pay no attention to sagging breasts and a big waistline after she had a child. Lipo filling has caused more women to choose to do surgery; as fat is removed from the places on their bodies where it is not wanted and it is put in the places where they want it to be. They prefer this procedure more, as no Silicone is used.


After the Brazilian Butt Lift is done it is alleged that women are very uncomfortable when they sit and they are always worried that they will mess up the shape of their butt. The change in their shape doesn’t look natural most of the times, as their legs tend to be too slim for their butts.

Not many Jamaican women have spoken about their plastic surgery. However, it is alleged that Yanique “Curvy” Diva and Miss Kitty are the ones who are looking different suddenly, as Miss Kitty’s waist has shrunken a lot and Yanique’s hips are looking bigger.

It has been rumored that Spice had something done, but she denied it when she performed at Reggae Sumfest and it is alleged that Aidonia’s wife did her breasts as well.

Being in front the cameras often can be pressuring, but some women have died because of the procedures, so persons should be careful.


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