The Rise of Shaqstar

Hailing from St. Thomas, Jamaica, 1 law — 6ixx, artiste Shaqstar of Seaforth, is more than a force to be reckoned with. He is a wave. Shaqstar, is known for dancehall (reggae trap) hits such as “Chopeline,” “Memories” “Middle Day,” and “Duppy Dollars,” just to name a few.

Some might argue, Shaqstar is one of the best kept secrets in the trenches of the camp. Before he had a Youtube channel, his first feature “Mxrda Dem” with Dayno, on Fighta Jet Riddim (2017), Dayno says: “we nuh care where yuh go, thats not far/ none ah dem nuh bad like Shaqstar.”

Three years later, that transformation begins to transcend, for all of the positive reasons. In 2020, Shaqstar released, Rise Up, a modern-day-psalm for the youths of Seaforth, and the island of Jamaica at-large.

“Ghetto youth wise up/ one day we ago rise up
Yeah, the thing soon lift up/ work hard cause we born ambitious
One time gone when we never have much/ but now the ting up and official.”

Shaq has a unique way of connecting with his fans, his community, and new listeners. He has an undeniable way with words, forcing you to listen, not just to the riddim, but the actual narrative. In his January release “Tired,” a tribute to fallen soldiers in the 6ixx camp; DJ National, Rebel 6ixx, Bling, KLion, Chucky Don, & Roshane Ferguson.

Shaqstar explains: “Seh mi tired, fi seh R.I.P, Tired fi ah print face pon mi all white tee, Tired fi see mi dawgs in ah di jail house/ Tired fi ah wait pon di day dem free, very tired seh mi haffi fight war like bee/ Friend killing a dem pree seh mi cant even sleep.”

Shaqstar is documenting the temperament of J.D.E. (Jamaica’s Dancehall Entertainment), what is seen and experienced is detailed in their lyrics and it’s real. The ambiguous relations between friend, family and friend turned enemy, which is why loyalty isn’t just a word. It is an unspoken cultural movement. A law-like understanding cemented in respect and endearment for another brother.

“Big up all ah mi breda dem, family first/ 6ixx one law til di day mi leave earth/loyal to mi grave, Nuff ah dem nuh know di worth/ every time ah friend switch, Dat ah somethin mek mi hurt/ nah lie.” Shaqstar, releases new music on a weekly basis. He currently boasts over 70k followers by way of social media and Youtube subscribers. His latest singles are “Family First” and “Dirty Habits” which features Law Boss himself.

“Yeah, mankind so cold/mi see friend turn enemy/ is nuff inah di road Today dem wid yuh/but tommorrow yuh nuh sure Dem try drain energy/ mi nuh have nothin more, Stressed out, it dark in ah mi soul/cant feel nothing, like mi heart have a hole , Smoke til mi fly, like mi gone pon ah tour.”

Shaqstar is currently signed to 1Law Entertainment & L.O.S. Publishing and according to his team, the best is yet to come because optimism isn’t a factor anymore. Shaqstar has risen and will continue to climb the charts, the only way he knows how; dedication to his craft, loyalty to the cause, and of course, a small circle of BroGads. Stay tuned for a special release this Summer.


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