The Uncovered Identity Of Mobay Cult Church Leader ‘Kevin Smith’

Tuesday, October 19, 2021, 2:22 PM

After finding themselves plagued by big troubles, 42 members of the Pathway International Kingdom Restoration Church in Montego Bay, have been arrested. This number includes the leader who is said to be Dr Kevin Smith.

Since the incident that found the Police invading a 3-day convention the cult like the group was keeping due to suspicions of ritualised killings, the group has become one of the main topics among Jamaicans and have even caught international attention.


There have been alleged reports that the nationality of Smith might not have been Jamaican however, upon the circulation of several photos of him and a Facebook post that perspective is now questionable.

In the photos circulating with the Church leader online, he can be seen posing with some very notable figures from the political, sports, and entertainment arena. These persons included Warren Weir, Sean Paul, and former Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

In a Facebook post by him in 2016, he posted a picture of him and his mother in halfway tree while he was seen wearing the Jamaica College uniform.

The situation is a very tricky one at this point for Smith, and his church members as the Police had to go through a gun battle with them before they could access the location safely for a search.

Upon searching the premises, it was discovered that a woman by the name of Tanicka Gordon was lying on the ground with her throat slashed while another man had gunshot and stab wounds.

The information that led the security forces to the premises was based on intelligence they received from someone who was at the gathering who disobeyed the church leader’s orders and was injured, having to be sent to the hospital.

Among those the Police arrested is also said to be a JCF member, The incident has also led the JCF to have suspicions that there might be other members of the security force involved in the cult-like movement.

Watch Kevin Smith in the video below, talking about Canada and the G7 amongst other things.

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