These are the 10 Richest Jamaican Athletes 2020

Jamaica has seen some great athletes throughout the years who have gone on to gain international accolades as well as worldwide recognition.

Some of these athletes have been recorded to be some of the richest Jamaicans. For this year 2020 the top 10 richest Jamaican athletes are as follow:

In number 10 spot is Trelawny native Veronica-Campbell Brown with a net worth of $2 million. Born in 1982 Cambell-Brown is a nine-time Olympic medalist who is known for her back to back win in the 200 meter at the event staged every four years.

Veronica also is the first female track athlete ever to wear the title of Unesco champion for sport.

The number 9 position on the list shows Yohan Blake with an annual earning of USD 2.5 million. Yohan Blake is well known for having one of the fastest times in the 100-meter event.

He is also a world champion and Olympic gold medalist having a 4*100 meter record.

At number 8 is Olympic and World championship back to back female gold medalist Shellyann Fraser with an annual earning of USD 4 million.

Shelly-ann who is known to hold many titles and records was born in Kingston Jamaica in the year 1989 and rose to prominence at the 2008 Olympic games in BeijingChina.

With an annual earning of $4 million USD, Patrick Chung an NFL player comes in at number 7. The football player is known for his accolades of winning the all pacific 10 conference as well as other titles.

He was born in Jamaica in 1987. His football career started at Oregon University where he developed himself to his current level.

At number 6 is the 4×1 good luck mascot Nesta Carter who is also recorded as the six fastest man in history for his 9.78 seconds for the 100-meter race.

In his career, he acquired many accolades some of which were gold medals later on being stripped from him as a result of being tested positive for drugs.

Number 5 sees the sub-10 king and Olympic gold medalist Asafa Powell with an annual earning of USD 6.5 million.

Asafa Powell is known for his many contributions to Jamaican track and field as well as his 97 sub 10 second runs for the 100-meter race.

At number 4 with annual earnings of $15 million USD is the well-known cricketer Chris Gayle who is known to play clubs as well.

Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle is known for his records of scoring two triple centuries at the test cricket levels as well as two centuries in the World Cup.

At number 3 spot is the legendary sprinter Usain Bolt who is recorded as the fastest man ever with his 9.58 seconds in the 100-meter race as well as his 19.19 seconds in the 200 meters.

He also along with other team members holds a record time for the 4 x 100-meter race. Usain Bolt has eight Olympic gold medals and eleven World Championship titles. His annual net worth is USD 30 million.

At number 2 on the list is Jamaican born English league player Raheem Sterling who now earns USD 53 million a year. Sterling was born on the island in 1994 and later migrated to England.

raheem sterling

He has accolades behind his name such as being the most valuable young player among others. He now plays for Liverpool after kick-starting his career at Queens Park Rangers.

Getting the number 1 position is Patrick Ewing who is known famously for his contributions to the game of basketball.

Ewing is noted to be the 50th greatest basketball player of all time and the 16th best to have ever played at the college level. Ewing was born in the year 1962.

In America, he played for teams such as the Seattle Supersonics, Orlando Magic, and New York Knicks. Patrick Ewing has an annual Net Worth of USD 85 million.


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