Thief “Big Up” Victims After Robbing a Bar in Portmore – Watch Video

In a bizarre robbery twist, a thief who had just finished robbing a bar shook the hand of one of his victims and seemingly tried to shake the hand of the other but ended up giving a high-5 slap on the fist of the other before exiting the establishment.

The incident reportedly took place in Portmore, and footage of the theft has been circulating on various social media platforms. In the video, three masked assailants can be seen absconding with an undisclosed amount of cash that was kept in a box, according to an unidentified woman speaking in the video.

The thieves also stole a pan of cigarettes along with the cash obtained from selling items. During the robbery, a man and a woman were seated at the counter of the bar, and after two of the assailants exited with the stolen cash boxes, one of the brazen thieves stopped to shake their hands.

The authorities have launched a search for the daring criminals. According to reports, no victims were said to have been hurt during the encounter.

The odd footage has received mixed reactions from viewers on social media, with some devil’s advocates suggesting that the thieves may not be horrible people but may have just fallen on hard times. “At least e never hurt nobody. It jus seem like life ruff fi him and e affi jus do crime fi survive ah heal dem up fi the time jah know,” one viewer on Instagram wrote.

Other viewers argued that life was filled with choices, and they had chosen a life of crime.

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“Everybody can make something of them self if (they) choose to. A life of crime is a choice. It’s not the only way out, so stop thinking that,” one viewer stated.

Watch the video below.

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