Things you would need at home amid COVID-19 outbreak

WHO has declared pandemic due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak across the globe. In most countries, people are advised to stay at the home, wear a mask, wash hands frequently, and avoid many mass gathering. Though there are only 13 cases in Jamaica situation may get worse in the future. So here are the items that you should have at home in the event of a coronavirus outbreak and these recommendations are based on World Health Organization guidelines.

A two-week supply of food

If you’re stockpiling these items in advance then they need to be non-perishable, easy to make items, and you’ll have to decide what that looks like for you. The list can include a lot of canned soups, chili beans, peanut butter, almond butter, dehydrated foods like pasta, dehydrated fruits nuts, trail mix, and the pre-made rice that comes in the vacuum seal. These are just some ideas for you. If you have access to fresh food then consider this list of items that may help boost your immune system – ginger, pomegranate juice, chicken soup, garlic, broccoli, sweet potato, tea, spinach, low-fat yogurt, watermelon, and mushrooms. These foods don’t fight coronavirus but they may help boost your immune system


A two-week supply of water

The recommendation for a disaster scenario is one gallon per person per day for drinking and sanitation. That’s a lot of water. Keep a stock of sufficient stock of purified water or tap water. Remember to stay hydrated.

Essential medical things

If you or your family members are on any prescription medications that you need to make sure you are stocked with that. Along with that, you need to keep antibiotics, pain relievers, or other such medical things. If you have kids then keep diapers, wipes, baby food, books, games, snacks, and kids version of the medications. Vitamins and supplements also need to be checked.

Hand soap

The first item in our kit is soap. The type of soap isn’t really as important as the method of washing your hands. Hopefully, you’ve heard by now 20 seconds of scrubbing your hands with soap all over your hands.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer

When your hands are visibly dirty you’re washing them with soap and water and when they’re not visibly dirty you can use the alcohol-based hand rub or hand sanitizers. So while buying hand sanitizer check for the ingredients and make sure it contains 60% alcohol.

Copy of your medical records and emergency contact list

You’ll want to get your medical records ready either print it out or download it on your device. While you’re at it, a list of your emergency contacts is helpful in the event that you have to go to the hospital or receive medical care.

Disinfecting wipes

You can use these to clean your cellphone and laptop for instance. Clean all the things that are used by most of your family members, like switches, doorknobs, and any high touch surface. As you wipe a surface you should leave the liquid from the wipe on that surface for 4 minutes.



Tissues are something you never want to run out of. Ideally, you can have tissues ready for when you cough or sneeze then, you’re throwing those away in the closed lid trash bin.

Other things

  • Toilet paper
  • Tampons or pads
  • Pet food and pet litter (if you have pets have enough)

If anyone is sick at your home or has mild symptoms related to the coronavirus then do the things mentioned below.

  • Make a separate room for the person
  • Allocate different bathroom
  • Monitor the symptoms and keep in touch with doctors.
  • N95 masks, gloves, and separate eating utensils for the patient



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