Thirteen Year-Old-Girl Sexually Assaulted by 5 Young Men in St. Ann

In a St Ann community and across the nation outrage is growing following a disturbing incident in which a 13-year-old girl was allegedly buggered by five males last week. The five suspects who are relatively young men are now in the custody of the police.

These men are between ages 18 and 22, this information came from Superintendent Dwight Powell in the St Ann police Department.

Initially, four men were taken into custody and the fifth suspect turned himself over to the police on Sunday.

It was revealed that the sexual assault took place on Monday, April 26, but the matter was reported to the police four days later.

The report stated that the teenager was on her way to a shop in the undisclosed community in St Ann, when a young man who was allegedly known to her accosted her and dragged her to an unfinished house and sexually assaulted her.

The other four men reportedly went there, and also sexually assaulted the child as well.

The abused girl is being counselled by the police and other public agencies.

The men were not charged, as investigations are still ongoing.

Jamaicans on social media have condemned the incident, and some are calling for draconian actions in order to deter sexual predators like these men. There were those who felt the child will be haunted forever, no matter what is done if the allegations are true.

There was a report that stated that there has been a noticeable increase in cases of underage children, mainly girls, who are now engaging in transactional sex with men who are older. Some girls were allegedly forced or encouraged to do these things by relatives and other people in their communities.

The study branded as a, ‘Stress Test’, revealed the Impact of the Pandemic on Domestic and other forms of Violence in Communities was released last Thursday.

The study was done by the Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CAPRI) and other agencies, revealed that there was also an increase in sexual abuse of girls by their stepfathers and boys, and an increase in teenage pregnancy.

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