This Athlete Says He Broke Usain Bolt’s 100m Record and Will Show Everyone at Upcoming Enhanced Games

Australian businessman Aron D’Souza is set to stage the Enhanced Games in 2024, a competition backed by a collective of athletes, doctors, and scientists that will permit competitors to use performance-enhancing drugs.

According to the organisation, it has already produced an athlete who has surpassed legendary sprinter Usain Bolt’s 100m record.

D’Souza’s organisation has dubbed itself “an alternative to the corrupt Olympic Games” and would be the first to openly allow banned substances in competitive international sports.

Defending the creation of the controversial event, D’Souza said that as adults, athletes had the right to do what they wished with their bodies, and it was not the responsibility of any government or sports federation to decide how they utilised FDA-approved products.

The Enhanced Games have condemned the humiliation and banning of athletes who have been caught doping, explaining that it is time to end the oppressive cycle. Choosing to celebrate them instead, the organisation has reinstated the records of athletes such as Lance Armstrong, who were previously stripped of their medals and titles.

As a part of its ad campaign, Enhanced Games has been touting an unnamed athlete who has declared himself the fastest man in the world, with Bolt’s 9.58-second 100m record already under his belt. The sprinter will make his public debut in the Game’s first staging next year, at which point Enhanced Games said he would finally be vindicated.

Enhanced Games has criticised the Olympic Games Committee’s callous treatment of Olympic athletes, highlighting that they are insufficiently paid.

“The Olympics leeches off the taxpayer, funnelling money away from their athletes and into the pockets of their executives,” EEnhanced Games released on its Twitter page on June 19.

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According to the organisation’s website, Enhanced Games will be funded privately, and D’Souza has promised participating athletes stocks in Enhanced Games. However, the CEO of Australia’s Olympic Committee, Matt Carroll, has denounced the proposed Games, labelling the competition’s plans as dangerous and irresponsible.

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