This Car Costs $1.8 Million(USD)… Expensive McLaren Senna Supercar [Video]

Wednesday, April 24, 2019, 8:00 PM GMT-5

With only 500 units made, this is what you call a limited edition, chances are you’ll never see one in real life, feast your eyes on what a 1.5m to 2mil (USD) car looks like. The McLaren Senna is at the top of British supercars list, best of the rest.

Noting is normal about this car, the car comes with an auto start-stop function which turns the car off at traffic lights to save fuel, it then turns it’s self back on when the green light appears.

Once you put the car in race mode some cool stuff happens including auto lowering. Road legal but designed for race track use.

Check out the full video below of this The McLaren Senna which costs $1.8 Million.

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