This Creepy Giant Slug Making Rounds Online – Watch Video

A video of a giant slug is making the rounds on social media and drawing a lot of attention. The slug has ignited conversations online as people speculate and make jokes about what the creature is.

In the video, the black slug is slithering on the ground as someone records it. In the audio, a male calls his mother, asking what the slug is. Seemingly upon seeing the creature, his mother reacted by saying, “Holy Shit! What the hell is that?”

The jokes that sparked from seeing the video consisted of one person saying the slug is his mother-in-law, another calling it an alien, and someone else saying it is something created by an AI.

A few individuals offered their intelligence and explained that the slug is called Aplysia Vaccaria, also known as the Black Sea Hare and the California Black Sea Hare. The Black Sea Hare is a species of very large sea slug; in fact, it is the largest sea slug species.

See comments below:

According to research, the slug inhabits the northeastern Pacific Ocean off California in the United States and Baja California in Mexico, including the Gulf of California, and is not dangerous to people.

Watch the video of the slug below:

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