This Jamaican Pastor Seemingly Selling ‘Obeah Oil’ for US$30

Jahmar Watson, also known as the ‘Sniper Prophet,’ is a dynamic pastor who has started selling consecrated olive oil for US$30, at the Ark of the Covenant Prophetic Ministries, as a form of healing to help people overcome their life challenges.

According to the clergyman, he received divine instruction to consecrate these oils fourteen years ago. He explains that his intentions are not to make a profit from the name of God, and he provides a rationale for the cost of the oils.

Sniper Prophet outlines that he asks for a US$30 contribution to ensure a steady oil supply, he also expressed that the funds support the work of the Almighty and help individuals get closer to God through fasting.

In continuing, he claimed to possess a unique oil that could aid with marriage, finances and immigration issues and another for court cases. The oil’s instructions promise positive results and quicker processing, emphasising faith in God.

While ‘loaded oils’ may be associated with spiritualists or obeahmen in Jamaica, Watson argues that religious leaders have employed consecrated olive oil for centuries.

According to him, he follows God’s commands and takes breaks as instructed. Two years ago, he gave away over a thousand vials of oil, and now God has told him to start again.

Regarding the array of oils available, Watson highlighted a unique “yard olive oil” suitable for individuals dealing with troublesome neighbours. The pastor instructed users to mix seven drops of the oil in warm water, recite Psalm 91 over it, and sprinkle it around their yard.

He claimed the process would remove negative energy and spirits, potentially causing neighbours or tenants to leave.

Watson shared with the Jamaica Star that believers seek oils for yard purification, financial blessings, and immigration.

He said he once gave a Coaster bus driver a bottle of financial oil worth $100 to help him earn more. The driver was grateful and promised to treat him to a drink once he saw the results, which he did. He continues to make a good income until today, the pastor said pleasingly.

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