This Man Could Be The One Who Killed 2Pac, Gives Detail On Shooting [Video]

Check out this Interview from Keefe D a top Crip Gangster from L.A. “They wasn’t Talking… My homies did not talk until later…” Keefe D Explains that over 13000 different individuals said they killed 2Pac. Keefe D was in the Car that drove up next to the Vehicle in which 2Pac and Suge Knight was traveling in, Shots were fired, 2Pac got shot and died a day after in the Hospital.

2Pac Was in Vegas to watch a Mike Tyson fight, 2pac and friends ended up Beating Keefe D’s nephew Orlando Anderson a known hitter from L.A. after allegedly seeing him wearing a stolen Death-Row change.

Watch as Keefe D details what happened on the night 2Pac got shot.

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