This MYSTERIOUS NOTE Was found At Ahmaud Arbery’s Burial site

Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 3:27 PM GMT-5

Though the death of Ahmaud Arbery left everyone startled and scared, what was peculiar in this murder mystery was a strange note. The note was found at the spot where Arbery lost his life.

It was placed at his memorial and what it said was indigestible for everyone. It said, “Ahmaud, I’m so sorry. I should have stopped them. I’m so sorry.” When the note’s picture was shown on a local news channel – News4JAX – several interpretations came out.

The most reasonable one is that perhaps someone from the neighbors saw Arbery die and now they are regretting it.

They might have peaked through their window and caught the entire scene rather than going outside and risking their life. After this breakthrough in the case, a new prosecutor has been assigned and the McMichaels are under police custody. The deceased’s mother wants justice for Arbery and she will keep fighting.

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