This TV Anchor Caught With Naked Woman During LIVE Broadcast

Thursday, April 30, 2020, 6:27 PM GMT-5

A Spanish news anchor was at home broadcasting when a naked female was seen walking past in the background. The viewers quickly played detective and discovered that Lady Godiva was not his partner.

Alfonso Merlos was on YouTube hosting the Estado de Alarma channel live this week, and his fellow journalist, Alexia Rivas, gave the cheeky display, and left fans wondering what really happened to Merlos’ partner, Marta López the “Big Brother” contestant.

Ross stepped out on Rachel and revealed “We were on a break!”, Merlos said.

He was not officially together with Lopez, the 41-year-old broadcaster revealed, when the publicized parade of impropriety occurred.

However López said, the couple were still an item, but they merely had a fight and, they quarantined together after March 14, and then spent four days apart, it was during this time the outrageous broadcast took place.

She explained that she was mad at Alfonso for four days and he didn’t want her to do anything that affected her family. She did it, and he got mad so they argued.

Something still didn’t add up, as Rivas admitted that she and Merlos were dating for three weeks.

It was even more scandalous in these days, Merlos and Rivas even broke the covid-19 social distancing rule.  

“I didn’t get into a relationship; he told me he was single. We have been seeing each other for three weeks,” she revealed.

Since March 14, Spain has endured some of the world’s toughest containment measures, the restrictions prevent persons from leaving the house for anything other than essentials.

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