Three Persons Brought In Under Suspicion For Murder Of Portland Couple

Thursday, May 13, 2021, 3:10 PM

Jamaica News, the murder count in the parish of Portland is now at 5 for the year since, the recent shooting death of 65-year-old Annette “plummy” Carby-Lindsay, and 55-year-old Linval “Natty Cowhead”. Both persons who were involved in a relationship were killed at their home in the community of Barracks, Portland that sits above the fishing bay at Manchioneal.

According to Duane Wellington, the superintendent for the Portland division of police, the process of justice have begun as 3 suspected persons were brought in for the horrific crime.


According to Wellington who yesterday spoke at a meeting with the Municipal Corporation, one of the persons taken in under suspicion had earlier sent threats to Linval Lindsay.

Even though no motive has been discovered for the murder, residents are claiming that the killing took place as a result of a dispute that developed between Lindsay and persons he worked with, over money that was not paid out for services carried out.

The police are currently carrying out further investigations, and questioning to get to the causal factor behind the double murder.

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