Tip For Musicians Loving THC – How Much THC Will make Me High?

In several strains and products obtained from Cannabis, the content of THC hugely varies from one product to another. This makes it daunting for the customers to understand what amount of this is actually needed for their ingestion. 

In this blog, we have discussed the various points that can help you adhere to how much THC can make a person High. 

 Introduction to THC consumption

It is a fact that raw cannabis products contain a low amount of THC, resulting in the high of a person. Furthermore, when this comes to contact with heat, Vaping, or burning, the components start to activate. This is because the heating process, commonly known as Decarboxylation, turns out the chemical Cannabinoid into THC. 

According to the calculator, it is said that smoking of these, whether with a joint, bowl or bong, allows more intake that can be rated from 60-63%. Nevertheless, a vaporizer affects consumption by less than 43%.  

There are many products of THC available in the market but THC edibles are the most popular. You can try THC gummies which have also secured a good place in terms of THC experience in its users.

 What amount of THC can get you high?

Several customers prefer smoking, Vaping, and consuming several products to enjoy the euphoric effect in a vast manner. However, tetrahydrocannabinol is the active Cannabinoid that provides a sense of high in a person. If you are new in this sector, you will obviously get confused about the amount you will need for the stoned effects. 

For instance, if you consume too little of this, then you will not get the desired effects. Also, if you consume too much of this, you attract the side effects of this along with the uncomfortable feeling.

To make this clearer, you have to adhere to the basic points that affect the highness of an individual:

  1. Tolerance level

It is true that the more cannabis you will consume, the more the tolerance level will increase. Thus it is recommended to start with a low amount dose and slowly increase the level so the body can get used to the product. 

  1. Potency of cannabis

As said earlier, every strain has a different amount of potential, which means some strains contain 30% or more amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol. In contrast, others contain less than about 10% of the same. No matter what strain you are using, you should always use the level of potency before buying.

  1. Physiological traits

Sometimes, weight, age, metabolism, and receptors play an important role in deciding the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol you will need to enjoy the feeling of high. 

  1. The usage of cannabis

The using methods can also determine the effects of this. There are several ways to use these products, including ingestion, smoking, Vaping, and absorption under the tongue. Vaping, smoking, and under the tongue absorption provide quick and high effects compared to the tinctures and edibles.

What amount of THC should you use?

If you are obtaining edibles, you should know that it first gets in the kidney and then slowly travels in the main bloodstream of the body. This is why it takes about 30 minutes -2 hours to provide the effects. Nevertheless, it lasts for a longer period of time as well. 

It is recommended to use 10 mg. However, some reports suggested that a beginner should consume not more than 2.5-5 mg of edibles. If you start with a low amount of this, you can get a vast amount of feel rather than causing discomfort in the body.  


Thus with the above information, you already know the accurate amount of tetrahydrocannabinol that you can need to enjoy the best effects of stoning.   

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