Tips to Create an Effective Essay

October 7, 2017

[Sharingbuttons]Such skill as composing an essay can be useful for not only scholarship but also other activities encountered in the life. Moreover, people who can spell out their ideas on the paper or it’s more accurate to say on the keyboard experience fewer difficulties in a regular conversation. Anyhow, creating custom writings is not an easy process and it requires a substantial approach. Nevertheless, the present guide will help you avoid regular mistakes and focus on writing a qualitative essay for your needs.

What to Write About


Everything begins with an idea. It means that an author or writer has to understand the topic of the future work. Moreover, the topic shows the essence of the essay. Thus, it may be a kind of overview or analysis, as well as an expression of own opinion.

The next point to mention is the purpose of your work. For example, the subject is “Benefits of Muscular Activity”. The way you can disclose the topic can be either informative or persuasive. Based on the purpose, you can start the research to embrace different aspects of the subject.

Interrelation of Ideas

An accumulation of ideas and investigated data needs to be organized in a proper way. The essay is not a pile of sentences but a structured order of thoughts. On this account, the writer should care about arranging bullet points to prevent a disorder. Such approach will be a foundation for the future body text of the essay. Besides, it is important to follow interaction and interrelation among versatile points.

A draft of the structure can be in a graphic form or in a form of diagram. This activity is aimed at prioritization of the core theses and their disposition in the context.

Essay Structure


This step is final preparation before the actual writing. In fact, the structure includes three major parts such as introduction, main part, and bottom line. As a rule, the main part only can be divided into structural units describing certain ideas or theses. The introduction is necessary to put a reader into the picture, while the bottom line offers some outputs or conclusions. All these parts are essential and are not recommended to avoid.

Word by Word

Introductory part bears the highest responsibility since it is a decisive point to grab the reader’s attention. Depending on the subject, shocking data, quotes or a current state of affairs can be described in the initial part of the text.


Body text is the expression of your theses in expanded form. Bear in mind that an arid and tedious accumulation of sentences is a failure. Believe it or not, even the most boring topic can be presented as a thriller. Naturally, a narrative style depends on the needs of your essay. If your hands are free, do not be afraid to use luscious words and idiomatic expressions to make your language more vivid.

The final word is a kind of moral or conclusion offered to the reader. Actually, some users start reading the text from the bottom line to have a general idea of what to expect in the body text. Hence, do not hesitate to place both biased and unbiased opinion in the end since readers always like to have an outside perspective as a counterbalance to an accustomed attitude.


Yet Not the End

As soon as you typed the dot in the final sentence, do not hurry to finish your work. The final stage of essay writing is editing. It means that you have to reread and revise all your text and make necessary corrections such as the elimination of mistypes, grammar mistakes, spelling errors etc. After that, your work can be deemed accomplished.


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