Tommy Lee Sparta Now Dancing after Legal Woes

February 18, 2020

Tommy Lee’s career seems to be back on track after he managed to leave years of legal troubles behind in 2018. In a recent interview he spoke about loving himself and allowing others to be who they want to be.

He is so proud of himself and his team because he is steamy, he has even started dancing as he is more settled in his mind these days. His last song was one for the fans who didn’t like dancing, he wanted them to be more energetic.


“Bad man links”, “Blessings”, “Under Vibes” are some of his tracks that are blazing up the place. The world love darkness but they don’t like violence.

He was not on the last Sumfest because the previous year had drained him after he had to close the show. He plans to be there this year and he is glad to see the many new artistes who are rising now. He says he won’t be so stressed out to close Sumfest anymore as he will get help now.

Tommy Lee Sparta, aka Uncle Demon, now says he knows every artiste goes through a time when they envy others and don’t want anyone else to rise, just after they start having hit songs, but after a while it doesn’t matter anymore.

He said he now has loyal fans and other fans who just like his popular songs. 

He is now dropping some singles and some videos, before he drops his next album and he is looking forward to an Africa tour coming up.

“Rich Badness” is another dance track that is coming out soon and he is still under Boss Lady’s management.



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