Tommy Lee’s Lawyer Defends Him Against Double Murder And Shooting Accusations

April 6, 2021 10:42 PM

Dancehall singjay Tommy Lee might have thought that the three-year conviction for the possession of an illegal gun, that was handed to him was the end of his troubles but he must have gotten the shock of his life when he learned that the gun he was convicted for, was linked by ballistics to two murders and three shootings with intent.

The deejay’s lawyer, Donahue Martin has stepped forward, however, to defend his client’s innocence against the heavy ballistic accusations.

Donahue Martin

The attorney gave his word to loop news, that Tommy lee has no involvement in any murders or “acts of violence”.

The deejay was allegedly caught, with the gun in December of the year 2020, and was later slapped with a 3-year sentence in 2021 after pleading guilty to the charges.

Tommy Lee is no stranger to the law as he has been having close runnings with the laws for several years, without being charged but this time there was no way out for him.

Fans of the artiste are deeply worried that he might face a similar detriment as his musical father Vybz Kartel did, as he was originally arrested for marijuana and later charged for two murders, eventually getting freed from one and given a life sentence for the other.

So far there have been no reports of who the murder victims are, which also have some people wondering if the whole thing was set up by the police, to bring down another powerful entertainer.



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