Tommy Lee’s Lawyer Gives Update on Their Next Move!

July 15, 2020

Dancehall News, Tommy Lee Sparta’s attorney Ernest Smith vowed to make an oral application in order to file a habeas corpus before the St James Parish Court if his client was not released.

Tommy Lee Sparta have been grilled in couple question and answer sessions which reportedly started yesterday.


The artiste was moved from Barnett Street to Freeport and that is where questioning is done if persons are to be released or not.

Because of these question and answer sessions, the attorney decided to put the habeas corpus on hold until after the interviews were done. Since Tommy Lee had already agreed to do the question and answer session.

Smith revealed that detectives were attacking the artiste with disparaging innuendo and a barrage of vague questions; but he is to head to court if his client was not charged or released.

The Lawyer revealed that the detectives had not pointed to him in the death of any one individual and there were no conspiracy to murder allegations. They ask him if he was the leader of the Sparta Rifle gang.

He doesn’t like how they said he has influence, when they (the police) should be using their influence to solve crime so they wouldn’t need to resort to making people into scapegoats. 

Tommy Lee Sparta was detained last week Tuesday, and under the current (SOE) state of public emergency in St James. It is possible for him to be held for 90 days before charges are laid.



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